CTN Platform structure

CTN activates the ecosystem with tokenized points by introducing blockchain in the 'CTN  REWARD' service and allows producers to manage information on beans in the cloud and send blockchain-based distribution history information to enable system and user authentication and security tracking system with ID and encryption algorithms. It also validates data on customer points that are utility tokens and records all the information on the blockchain. This is also generated and collected when used through the CTN app via the CTN platform and verified and shared through the CTN platform.

our solution proposal

By creating information on the tracking process before the coffee bean reaches the consumer, the blockchain market reduces the middlemen in the trade and thus increases the producer`s profits and can create trust between the producer and trader through the platform, because blockchain data is unchangeable.

All processes can be tracked

The history information of the distribution of big data based on the coffee bean tracking.


Guatemala produces beans in eight regions, and all beans classified into seven grades can be tracked and purchased.


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