Token with infinite development
potential (CTN)

Continuum (CTN) plans to continuously develop software development beyond Guatemala's Anacafe, website creation that can generate revenue, and blockchain management.
In addition, we will do our best to provide the best support in the hope that neighboring countries will develop to a level that requires Anacafe to become the first and best institution to introduce blockchain technology for the first time in the world.

A blockchain that allows accurate real-time confirmation of the statistical value of export volume through the application

Continuum (CTN), together with Guatemala, is the world's first We plan to provide a blockchain-based service that checks in real time through the application. 24/7 real-time information from Guatemala through this application Bean production, quality level, price inquiry, production statistics, shipment, notification service, etc. You will be able to see everything about coffee production in real time. This service provides information about the ledger that occurs during the distribution process from producer to consumer. It can be stored, managed, and observed based on a blockchain that cannot be forged or tampered with.

The Continuum (CTN) system builds
a new digital future.

Continuum (CNT) solves the lack of existing relay systems through blockchain-based sensors. It can be mutually secure and you can accurately understand the statistics of export volumes.
This service has the advantage that it can respond immediately to accidents that occur during the distribution process and that anyone can check it 24 hours a day through the application.

Globalization of Blockchain
Distribution Platform

CTN will develop a distribution platform based on the blockchain data of the South American coffee bean market and the refined data, aiming for general use. It starts with Guatemala. In addition, Honduras and El Salvador, which are neighboring countries, also want to participate in the CTN platform, so we will introduce a general-purpose blockchain technology. CTN's blockchain platform will develop into an integrated management system for South American coffee beans, and will increase its value through system use agreements with global coffee brands.


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